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The Law Enforcement Agencies-Why we need them in our Society

There are those rules which are set up to be in operation in every given society to ensure that the society is indeed in harmony and has some order in it. The fact that we must anyway accept is that as good as the laws may be on paper and intention, they will need the backing of a body to look into their enforcement so as to ensure that they do live up to their needs for without this, the laws will be but as good as nothing, meaning nothing in so far as their purpose is meant to be. You will realize that without the input of the law enforcement agencies, there technically will be nobody to stand by your side in cases of crime, violence and other acts that will expose you to harm or injury. Considering the fact that as humans we are as social as beings, we will always live in those setups where we have to be in social interactions with fellow human beings. What is unfortunate and you will come to experience as a human being is the fact that there will be those in our midst in the social interactions such who will be bent to violate the rights of others in the society and fail in their honoring of their social responsibilities, financial and even moral responsibilities to live in harmony with others in the society. These people will by and large carry their unwarranted acts on you to disturb your peace as a person when they attempt to take your belongings through theft, take advantage of you in a way or another, or simply get you feeling threatened and as such without the desired peace of mind to enjoy your life as you would wish to. The services of the police, the principal law enforcement body in any given society are the ones who are charged with the responsibility to ensure that you have a life in any society with as much peace as is guaranteed by the set of laws that are in operation within the given society.

If there were no law enforcement agencies, we would have to on our own take all them who wrong us to the magistrates’ court. The law enforcement bodies will as well be a handy service to you when you want to have a body to investigate a case of a break in into your property and any other act of violence suffered or one which is being planned against you.

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