Property Owners Need To Aerate Their Water Ponds

If a person wants to beautify their property with a water feature such as a pond, they need to properly maintain them. This includes arranging for proper aeration to keep the water clean and dissuade insects and algae from becoming a problem.

Having a successful water feature requires more effort than digging a hole, lining it with cement or pond liners and filling it with water. The pond that is not aerated in some way can become cloudy and filled with weeds and insects. It can develop unpleasant odors.

Different Types Of Ponds Require Different Aeration Systems

There are different sizes and types of aerators to meet the needs of different sizes, shapes, and types of ponds. Each system has its own capacity and the pond size will dictate the system capacity needed.

The capacity is the amount of water and oxygen a system can treat in a certain amount of time. Larger ponds may require several systems. Shallow and deep ponds call for different aeration systems.

If a small pond will be the home of water lilies and koi fish, it needs a good aeration system to deliver oxygen to the fish underwater. A shallow, decorative pond in a public space must be aerated to remain clear and safe for the public to be near.

No one wants a pond to become a breeding ground for dangerous mosquitoes and other life forms. No one wants algae and other weeds to fill a pond and cause noxious odors. Aeration units keep ponds clean and water clear.

Ponds also require maintenance by groundskeepers or landowners to remove storm debris, garbage, dead animals, and weeds. Aeration equipment helps to keep pond water clean and healthy.

Kinds Of Aeration Equipment

Aeration systems come in different sizes, capacities, and with different power sources. Some aeration systems produce surface bubbles and others form attractive fountains the shoot high in the air and may be lit at night.

In addition to the basic aerator, there are other pond care products available such as beneficial pond bacteria, algae and weed control chemicals, insect control chemicals, weed rakes, automatic fish feeders, and other accessories.

Some aerator systems available include diffused aerator systems powered by electric motors, garden pond aerators powered by electricity, high oxygen surface aerators, wind or solar powered aerators, and aerators that form fountains. For more information visit the website here.